The iPhone is not a cheap device but comes at a high price compared to other smartphones and however, there are some simple mistakes that many users fall in and that may damage the iPhone and sometimes eliminate it and so we will review during the next 5 errors that some may see normal but maybe destroyed The iPhone and how to avoid those mistakes to work smoothly and keep it for as long as possible.

Use of wrong detergents

Many users seek to clean the iPhone regularly through a regular cloth or napkin paper and possibly resort to some chemicals that may damage the device, and in order to clean the iPhone correctly, you should stay away from harmful and wrong detergents and start using a cloth Soft and clean of lint-free microfiber such as a lens cleaning napkin in order to avoid any scratches on the screen, also do not resort to chemicals because they are able to reduce the screen resistance to water and even weaken the paint material and instead the cloth with warm soapy water.

Download unimportant apps

The official Apple Store has many applications that may be safe when it comes to viruses and malware, but that does not mean that there are useless applications that iPhone users do not need but install on the device such as applications maintenance and acceleration iPhone or application longevity The battery is all useless and does nothing for the device also do not think about installing an antivirus application you will not need it on the iPhone and when you feel that some applications ask a lot of permissions you should be warned of it may cause that type of application to spy on you or even shorten the battery life iPhone.

iPhone Overheating

Some users suffer from the problem of iPhone warming, which may cause permanent damage to the battery of the device and perhaps the reason for the excess heat is due to some things that you should avoid, such as leaving the device exposed to direct sunlight for a long time or putting the iPhone in an environment that exceeds the temperature of the temperature exceeds the permissible limit It is between 0 and 35°C and when charging the device’s battery, stay away from places with high temperatures so as not to cause serious damage to the battery.

iPhone test in water

Because iPhones are strongly water-resistant, you find many users take their devices to the pool and sometimes when going to the beach and surfing or even skiing, you should be aware that the iPhone is able to withstand the water under certain conditions it is not fully immune to water, and according to Apple, Its latest device is the iPhone 11 Pro is able to stay at a depth of 4 meters for no more than 30 minutes only, so do not try to test the ability of the iPhone to survive in the water because you may lose the device and may damage the battery and internal components significantly, also avoid areas filled with steam because they may also spend I have the device.

Use a non-genuine charger

The iPhone is not alone expensive, most of Apple accessories are expensive and that’s why some users resort when they damage the original truck, use an imitation charger that is not original but what does not know that this unknown charger may kill the iPhone and battery, so avoid using non-original and imitated chargers and you can try one Apple-certified MFi chargers that provide the same efficiency as the original charger and its price is suitable compared to an Apple charger.


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