As each generation of home appliances is about to launch, the fires of battles are increasingly raging in what is known as the platform war between Sony and Microsoft fans in particular, where each party tries to prove that its favorite device is the best place to experience games, but the master rye class or the computer audience is still tweeting out the squadron They do not care about the swords and the flames of flames in that war.

The reason, of course, is that they see that no matter how strong the specifications of home appliances, the computer remains the unique master with its capabilities and features, especially with the presence of a giant company like Nvidia that offers from time to time advanced cards and processors keep up with the latest manufacturing technologies and quickly can not be caught by the devices Domestic.

In our article, we will review some of the reasons why computers are superior to home appliances, and why many players prefer to get into the arms of home computers or even mobile devices that have recently experienced a technological leap that has made them more suitable for games.

Computers are the most supported by game developers

Although home appliances market themselves as intended only for play, we find that the interest of the majority of developers who are responsible for the development of games is more focused on the computer, according to a statistic by the American site Statista for global statistics conducted in 2018, which is one of the most prominent Over the years, desktop computers have been found to be more supported by developers based on nearly 4,000 developers surveyed. As a result, computer games were found to be favored by 59% of developers, and 60% of them said at the time that they were working on computer games, compared to PlayStation 4, and 39% of developers and 30% of developers were developing games for the device at that time.

Also, through this year’s GDC conference, a similar survey found that 50% of the 4,000 participating developers surveyed said they were interested in developing computer games superior to home appliances, including next-generation devices.

The possibility of customization and upgrading gear is available any time you want

Other than computers, the only thing available to you as a user of the home device is to switch the hard drive only, but with computers, you are free to switch anything from a graphic processor to a central processor or increase the memory as long as your motherboard is compatible with the new pieces, and the possibility of upgrade is You are the one who determines what performance you want according to your budget and buys hardware parts accordingly, and of course, with the granting of Invidia many options with Geforce cards, the player will find that he can identify the perfect parts for his needs instead of being restricted with the parts selected by the manufacturers For household appliances.

Free online play and wide options in stores with better deals due to competition

Some blame on the computer that it is expensive and say that it will save if it buys a home device, but there are costs other than the price of the device and games incurred by this player, for example, if he wants to play games over the network will find that the majority of competitive and huge games require subscription PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold while this is available free of charge to computer players. Except for games like MMO that usually require their own subscription. But in principle, you can play over the network on the computer without paying money and saving it to upgrade gear or buy games.

On the other hand, platforms that sell games to computer owners are more diverse and the competition between them is more intense so pc owners can benefit from very huge offers and discounts whether, through Steam or Humble Bundle which offers fabulous prices to players and do not forget epic intrusion into the arena now which now offers free games Huge for its users, this makes computer owners save even the price of games sold through PlayStation and Xbox stores at more expensive prices as they dominate the home game market more.

No limits with compatibility feature or playback of old games

Perhaps Xbox One is the only one among the home devices that provided this feature to the players but it is still not present on PlayStation 4 or Switch, while on the computer it is available for a long time where you can run any old game via your computer and all you need to adjust compatibility mode for the game so that you will inspire the gaming system that you You’ll use an old operating system and therefore become playable, not to mention having game simulators for older platforms on the computer, and for gamers, the device that can play its old games is a smart investment.

The computer offers uncompromising graphics quality and better performance than any home appliance

Over the years, no matter how much they progress and develop, home appliances have been one step behind computers, while Sony and Microsoft boast about using SSD tablets for next-generation devices that have been used for years with PC devices, we find that manufacturers of computers and graphic cards are steps further away. From light tracking techniques and the pursuit of more pioneering steps.

For example in terms of smooth fees, current-generation devices do not offer a speed of 60 frames per second except for some games while the majority operate at a speed of 30 frames and sometimes not even fixed, but computers and thanks to gtx and RTX cards have forgotten the taste of 60 frames and are now targeting rates of very superstitious frames up to 240 frames per second, this particular plays a significant role by giving the player a preference in competitive games as a study from Nvidia proved that running a game like Fortnight at speeds of up to 240 frames per second offers the player a great advantage while playing on his rivals is to increase the ability to see goals Clearly earlier than others, make faster decisions in crucial parts of a second than those with less tender graphics processors.

According to Invidia, GeForce RTX 2080 Max-Q laptops can deliver performance almost twice as much as Sony’s PS4 Pro in the form of a mobile device, where it contains 8 GB of gddr6 faster memory, while the RTX 2060 for the iPad gives better performance than the PlayStation 4 Pro with 1.6 X itself said a while ago that the RTX2080 card would be stronger than the next home gaming devices.

Options for controlling visual effects

Another feature that is missing by the owners of home appliances and unique to the owners of the computer is the ability to control the graphic effects such as the movement of water and shadow, reflections, quality of fees and speed of tires, everything available to you to modify it according to the possibilities of your device, if you see that the game does not work you have the speed of tires As you want, you can reduce the quality of the fees yourself and you’ll see smooth performance improve immediately.

The computer isn’t just for games.

We now come to the most important point which is the biggest factor in the decision to buy when anyone may be confused between the acquisition of a computer or a home device, your spending a large amount to buy a computer with high specifications is an economically viable investment because that amount is not only for games but you can use the computer for other purposes such as dealing Design and video editing software as GTX 16 cards deliver performance five times faster than only processor use in programs such as Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Also, if you’re a content maker, you can take advantage of Nvidia’s latest technology by creating more creative content in less time. Also do not forget that broadcasting of play sessions consumes part of the resources of the graphical card, which means the loss of some frames and in competitive games, the number of tires high is what offers the best possible gaming experience and here RTX cards give you optimal performance as it gives you a 56% higher fee during the broadcast without problems With the tires falling all this while ensuring high image quality, don’t forget the automated card-integrated chromium removal technology.

If you are a student or employee, you can take advantage of laptops equipped with Invidia GTX or RTX cards not only to play but to carry them with you wherever you go thanks to the Max-Q design that comes mainly from the makers of aircraft, Invidia, in collaboration with its partners of the hardware makers, has redesigned Devices from scratch to withstand heat conditions, tight space and electric power to get higher and lower weight laptops, much lower power consumption and lower temperatures with minimal sacrifices in performance thanks to reduced graphical processor frequencies to be slightly lower than the full version of the card Dedicated to desktops but without significantly affecting the strength and graphical quality.

Ultimately instead of buying a home device that is only for games and buying a computer for other tasks. You can get one device that excels in both tasks, which is a much better deal.


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