Many of us prefer to have laptops to play games wherever we go and at the same time we want to be computers that can be used for daily and office work whether we are students or employees, but usually, laptops do not secure this equation either they are devices with strong hardware that can run stronger Games but they are burdened with heavyweight and lack of battery or are lightweight devices but with weak specifications.

With the spread of Ray-tracing light tracking technology, everyone wants to go into the worlds of games with this technology that gives light reflections and shades very close to reality, the light is shown in the viewer in a room, for example, differs between the light source being a lamp or the rays of the day entering from the windows. Allowing you to experience immersive and vibrant visual effects with games that support it, this technology may not seem to be a big advantage for some unless you see the difference between treated environments with hardware that supports this technology and other equipment that doesn’t, so I invite you to watch the video below that shows the power of light tracking.

But what may stand in the way of many players to enjoy this technology is undoubtedly the price factor and the cost of assembling any computer with hardware supports technology for thousands of dollars, and here, fortunately, Invidia decided to make the transition easier for the world of Ray-tracing with its announcement of RTX laptops that cost less Other competing options, through its collaboration with renowned computer manufacturers including Acer, Alienware, ASUS, Dell, Gigabyte, HP, Lenovo, MSI, Razer, and Samsung, are to produce about 40 mobile products that feature:

What does that mean? This architecture allows us to get six times faster performance than previous generations, support real-time x-ray tracking technology with games that support it by having a dedicated card segment to handle this technology, and thirdly, a general improvement in graphics performance thanks to artificial intelligence. In general, Turing technology allows games to be processed several times faster than the previous Pascal technology, as shown in the image below.

These cards offer special radiation tracking devices that allow them to deliver more than 10 Gigarays per second or 10 times more than previous generations. This is done by integrating RT Cores technologies into turning architecture so that radiation tracking is accelerated by accelerating the process of detecting where the rays intersect with 3D landscape geometry, which of course gives better and more quality results than relying solely on software to deliver light tracking technology. The same applies to AI technology, to which Invidia has allocated part of the software, to improve it and significantly improve its performance.

Strong performance without any sacrifices: We usually experience low tire rate when we choose to play games on high settings, so how if we choose to activate light tracking technology? This won’t be a problem after upgrading your laptop to RTX20 computers, as the work of a new turing standard with artificial intelligence helps improve the gaming experience.

Distinctive designs: If you want a laptop suitable for games, study or office work, RTX computers are the perfect choice thanks to Invidia’s adoption of MAX-Q Design, where it is characterized by extreme thinness, lightweight, and sound calm as well, making it the most difficult equation between performance Strong and elegant design. It makes it easy to carry from place to place. In short, GeForce RTX Max-Q computers are faster, slimmer, quieter and colder than their competitors, and feature 144 Hz high-edge screens.

These laptops use NVIDIA Optimus technology to deliver more than life in excess of battery life in order to provide a long-lasting battery. By supporting BatteryBoost technology, we can get the performance that is twice as high as a single device charge.

Support whisper mode technology that ensures that games are played quietly as this mode intelligently adjusts the game’s frames while also configuring graphics settings for optimal energy efficiency.


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