For some time now we have been hearing rumors about Nintendo’s intention to introduce the Switch with more powerful advanced hardware and it is said that Switch Pro is planned to compete with next-generation devices by reducing the gap between Switch and Sony and Microsoft devices, but what improvements do we ask for in this device as players? We’ll give you a tour of the most important development points we want.

Larger size for storage discs and tapes

One of the biggest problems suffered by the current Switch angel is the small space of the hard drive inside the device where it does not exceed 32 GB this space is not enough to accommodate the size required to download the files of some games and make it work the game like NBA 2K19 needs space more than 30 GB To share it, this annoys players, so it would be good for the company to mean that the storage disk is enlarge in the upgraded device.

Also, the tapes on which the games need to increase their size in order to accommodate the whole game and there is no need to download additional files consumed from the storage space of the hard drive of the device so that the whole game is placed on the tape.

Increase device capabilities

The first task of this device in case it is launched is to provide better performance by running games at high-resolution fees and this means that the hardware of the device must get an upgrade, leaks talked that this may include a more powerful processor that can run games at 4k and this if happened will contribute to the provision of better games so that encouraged Developers are working on moving their toys to him as long as he is stronger and the gap with the new devices has been bridged.

We need a better, more accurate screen

Players can spend a lot of money to get more resolution so the company has to pay attention to improving the quality of the screen, it is not enough that the upgraded gear contributes to provide a better image of the home device mode only, but must ensure that the player is given more detail in more detail when playing mobile mode.

Increase battery life

One of the most important things that the players are interested in the mobile device is the life of his battery they, of course, want a device that works with them for long hours when traveling long distances without interruption, and with the upgrade, specifications will be greater on the battery and hence comes the need to provide a battery larger volume continues For longer hours.

Make Joy-Cons really look like a custom game controller

Since the introduction of Switch and there are several complaints we hear about the hands of air-con whether its design or problems manufacturing it, for example, one day after its introduction some mentioned that they suffered with these hands problems in response consisting of delay or interruption of the response, especially in the left hand and the cause of this problem may be by reference wireless to be out of control.

So Nintendo can’t put on a sophisticated device without taking into account the criticism of Aerial Con’s hands as they must be redesigned and made from more quality materials as well as improved buttons and the mechanism of pressing them like shoulder buttons.

Another thing we hope Nintendo will not forget is the importance of hand size adjustment as many people complain that they suffer when they have to play with only one hand because of their small size that does not fit the size of the adult player’s hand and this causes an uncomfortable experience while playing.

Improvements to dock base

This rule is supposed to be one of the points of marketing switch and selling it because it works to switch from mobile style to home device but the reception of this rule was not that warm from the players and the reason for its design which was too narrow to accommodate the device and this causes scratches on the screen which makes the player p from damaging his device screen.

Increase ports in the device

There are a number of ports or ports that we need in the upgraded Switch, such as adding a speaker port with a control hand that allows us to use the headset more comfortably and eliminates the use of the Chat app via the Switch Online service.

Also, we need to add some ports to USB in the same device sometimes we need to use it to charge the control hand while roaming, as well although the majority of players have a wireless connection to the internet the connection via direct cable with router always gives us a better experience to play online So we need an Ethernet port on the device.

Making the device to be more durable

Unfortunately, Nintendo did not provide us with a device made of luxury materials, on the contrary, some criticized the poor manufacturing which caused problems such as the break of the kickstand arm or problems with the screen or the control hand or damage to the vents and even that the casings of the device cause damage to its surface, and no one wants to repeat these problems with A device that will probably buy at a high price so you should pay attention to the quality of manufacturing and choose to produce it from luxury materials, and there is a rumor that this device may be made of magnesium alloys and not plastic.


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