Over the past months, Samsung has been able to achieve exceptional successes that have helped it to remain the top company in the world of smartphones in terms of sales, thanks not to its flagship phone chains S and Note, but to the entire credit of this extraordinary success to the series Samsung Galaxy A is a new series that Samsung has re-introduced in 2019 in a new image and body.

Throughout 2019, Samsung introduced a variety of A-class phones that varied from economy class with Samsung Galaxy A10 to medium with phones such as Samsung Galaxy A70 and leading low-priced phones such as the Samsung Galaxy A90, which has upset the balance of smartphone markets. Upside down.

Samsung Galaxy A’s journey from success to failure

Before the advent of these phones, the same Category A was the main reason why Samsung declined in the world of economic and medium smartphones and even disappeared almost in a number of global markets from competition with the emergence of various Chinese phones from Xiaomi, Oppo, and Honor, which managed to acquire Consumer admiration and consequently managed to achieve successes that enabled it to capture its proportions from the smartphone market at the expense of Samsung A phones, which could not withstand this strong competition.

The reason why Samsung Galaxy A phones failed in their previous state is mainly because of the inability of these phones to understand the nature of consumers that have varied over previous years, which Chinese companies have been able to understand and understand and work to exploit to provide advanced phones with great possibilities At low competitive prices, these companies were interested in advertising and marketing methods that enabled them to win the trust of the public.

The same reasons are the same reasons that are behind the return of Samsung and enable it to achieve success with the same series Samsung Galaxy A, the company has canceled all other smartphone chains that varied between the economic and medium categories such as the Category J and only class A in addition to the new category All of the M we might talk about later, and Samsung then directed all its efforts to support this category on several levels.

Samsung was able to re-evaluate its understanding of the consumer and the rules and bases of the new competition and was interested in introducing new smartphones carrying a successful mixture combining powerful advanced capabilities with competitive price, as the company was able to offer a new advanced technology with each phone and followed the same marketing methods Other Chinese companies are pursuing to compete in the markets that the latter has been able to acquire over the past two years.

Based on Samsung’s great consumer confidence and products, Samsung has combined all these elements to be able to compete again and to compete in the economic and medium smartphone markets, and the biggest evidence of this extraordinary success is the continuation of Samsung is developing this category and introducing new ones with the new year 2020.

By the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020 Samsung announced a new range of Samsung Galaxy A phones such as Samsung Galaxy A10s and the latest Samsung Galaxy A51 and Samsung Galaxy A71 phones that have been characterized by introducing Samsung’s new vision for medium-class phones by borrowing more The features of leading phones, especially in terms of design, are expected to be able to continue with the successes achieved by previous phones in this category, which will be confirmed in the coming weeks without a doubt.


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