It is undeniable the role played by modern technology in home security and surveillance systems, since cameras and safety sensors are limited to large companies and require a lot of effort to install and manage them, we now see many home security devices that do not need any tools.

Or complex settings for installation, Ring, which has a long history of home security devices and has just started its business in our Arab region, is one of the largest providers of the best home security solutions.

The latest products launched by Ring in our local market are a small home camera prepared for use in doors unlike many of the company’s products that are suitable for use as an external surveillance camera or even a camera installed in the door hole such as ring door Cam view which we have made review her earlier.

It’s different here, this camera depends on being small in size and in good shape so you can put it anywhere inside your home without spoiling the shape of the furniture and it comes at a good price that suits a lot of users.

There’s not much to talk about in the specifications, ring strategy in this product and all their products have been as complex and as simple as possible for any user to install and manage their products.

A look at the Indoor Cam and its uses

Indoor Cam has a stick Up Cam-like design with no batteries or weather-insulating as we mentioned earlier as it’s a camera that’s designed for use inside the home and not outside.

The camera comes with a ring design that is used from Ring cameras with a USB Type-B port on the back of the camera that is used to power the camera.

The camera has a moving base from which it can adjust the camera’s position and the angle you face without having to move it from its place.

Installation and use of the camera does not make much difference from previous products, once the camera is connected to the power and use ring app you will be able to network the camera on your Wi-Fi network and then you can access the live broadcast in the camera and requires live broadcasting internet at 1 Mbps At least.

Camera-recorded videos can only be stored by subscribing to the company’s cloud services for a monthly subscription of $3 if you’re going to use one device, and $10 for an unlimited number of devices.

The camera has a very good video quality as it supports FHD 1080P quality while also supporting night shooting mode that contains colors or traditional black-only mode.

This camera is ideal for seeing what happens inside your home while you are outside because it has a small size and has the property of sending notices that you can determine its sensitivity and certain places that provoke sensors to avoid getting unnecessary notices.

With a small headset and microphone, you can talk directly to the other end and receive audio from it, it’s just like making a video call but the only difference is that the other party won’t be able to see your picture.

Ring Indoor Camera is a perfect choice if you want a small home camera that’s easy to install and use and you don’t need to spend a lot of money to buy it, the only drawback I could have liked to see a change in this camera is the ability to save videos on other devices instead of being available only on the company’s cloud storage service for a monthly subscription.

The added advantage you’ll get with that camera is that you will be able to have a unified complement panel for all the cameras you will put inside your home without the need for any other applications, which makes it easy to monitor and follow your home through the app And comfort.


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