Trying to think outside the box is always interesting, but what can be out of the box when it comes to making a toy mouse? Does DPI sensitivity increase? Or more programmable? Or maybe RGB lighting with larger acquisition ratios, lighter size, and better control? Maybe an adjustable mouse, weight control, and some of its parts? All these ideas are not entirely new and in fact, there is a lot of mouse in the market that offers all that, but what about a mouse with a screen?!

Cooler Master MM830 is the first mouse for OLED games! But wait, what’s the point of having a screen on a mouse structure and what will it add to the players? Let’s get to know that through that review.

First of all, you should know that the Cooler Master MM830 is not light type or small design and anyone who reads my reviews will know perfectly well that I do not prefer the mouse of large size, but nevertheless the mouse comes with a design that makes its grip comfortable because it fits both the fists of Claw and Palm and The side strip of them on which your big finger is based has increased the comfort I’m talking about.

This side sector we’ve actually seen before in Corsair Nightsword is almost the same design and idea but the Cooler Master MM830 looks smaller so it was more comfortable during use.

The mouse comes with a weight of 162 grams which is not really lightweight so if you are a lightweight favorite like me in mouse it may seem to you mouse is not suitable but hey maybe you will change your mind at the end of the review after reviewing all the features of the mouse and its price, as for the design comes from plastic materials in black Matte or matte but it looks solid so overall the design materials here are very good.

The mouse from above contains a scroll wheel that comes with a touch of the gauche used to be on any pass wheel so as to increase stability and prevent slipping, as well as find the mouse buttons the main stomping left and left which are used by Cooler Master Azar of Omron type where it is classified as its default age It has 50 million clicks, and in fact, all companies are also turning to Omron Azar, which is the best.

Below the scroll wheel and in its usual place, we find two DPI sensitivity control buttons at four different levels, allowing you to navigate between four different sensitivity settings at the touch of a button with special sensitivity level lighting and also available in four customizable files.

From the right side, there is nothing like usual, but the left side contains almost everything, let’s start from this side sector on which your hand is based and which you mentioned in the introduction of the review it contains four buttons, backward and forward buttons, and two additional buttons to form the four-button son of the concept of D-pad is like a control arm for a home device, in total the mouse contains 8 buttons and all of them are programmable via the wonderful mouse application and they also have some exclusive features which we will talk about in detail later in the mouse app part during the review.

Included on the left side of the mouse structure that OLED screen, in fact, I tricked you into the introduction of the review and to be honest the presence of that screen, of course, will not give you as a player something new is only a secondary addition that only gives more elegance and excellence to the mouse, the Oled screen is a screen that comes in size 96 x 24 Highlights are fully customizable so you can put your own logo or sentence, along with many other options such as processor consumption, random monopolies, and GPU. All of these details will be detailed during the app segment.

Lighting is an important factor for players when it comes to gaming gear, fortunately, Cooler Master has not neglected it as the Cooler Master MM830 contains RGB lighting with an endless range of colors and a range of different dynamic effects and is distributed over three regions on Mouse structure, the initial area is represented on both sides of the scroll wheel, the second area is the area around the company logo in the middle of the mouse.

The third area is better and larger located under the logo and in fact you will need to raise the mouse to see it better, in order to be more accurate it would have been better to have that are more visible but nevertheless reflect the lighting on the surface well, in dark places as the pictures appear in Ball lighting in this particular place.

This mouse lacks the property of weights but it is actually heavy enough for someone to think about gaining weight, so it is not a big deal in fact, but the wire comes with a wire ” braided ” to protect it from cutting which by the way is not thick which means that it will not generate resistance during rapid movement or will be controlled is easy as it comes 1.8 meters long.



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