The vast majority of projectors were and still rely entirely on other devices next to them for the purpose of operating and managing them just like pc screens, but BenQ is trying to change that slowly by offering projectors with preloaded operating systems. It is ready to use quickly and without relying on any other devices … This is similar to the development of TVs that have moved from just screens that do not work alone and require satbesides several devices such as the sensor to receive satellite channels and has evolved to become advanced enough to carry an integrated operating system such as Tizen OS from Samsung, WebOS and Android TV And other operating systems that have applications and programs to become an integrated system in itself.


We’ve seen this earlier in the small projector that came under the name BenQ GV1, which came in small size but was primarily geared to entertainment and on-the-go, this time we see the same trend but in a projector geared to productivity, office use and meetings.

The fact that the projector is not for entertainment uses is not 4K and BenQ only makes the projector full HD which is not necessarily bad, as you won’t need more quality than those to browse PowerPoint slides, photos and short videos you need at work.

First, before we go deeper into our review, let’s take a look at the projector with its design and exterior and then move on to the practical specifications and our projector experience.

The device comes in a medium-size and lightweight compared to other projector devices and the entire body is made of reinforced plastic to keep the projector at a medium but powerful weight at the same time.

From the front, the projector has a sleek design with a large vent on the left to flush out the hot air from the lens. The lens on the right comes with a slight protrusion from the bottom where the rotation that surrounds the lens is located.

From above, the projector has a simple design with a few projector control buttons and three small lights to enable the user to quickly recognize the state of energy and the temperature of the projector as well as lighting.

This projector comes with a remote control device that contains all the settings you might want in it and with a design similar to the TK800 projector controller that we had reviewed earlier.

From the back, the projector has the following ports:

  • HDMI
  • PC (D-sub 15pin)
  • Monitor out (D-sub 15pin,Female)
  • Audio in(mini jack)
  • Audio out (mini jack)
  • RS232 In (D-sub 9pin, male)
  • USB TypeA-1
  • USB TypeA-2 (5V,1.5A)
  • USB Type mini B

In general, this projector has an average size and weight and is suitable for quick use without the hassle of installing it and connecting it to different devices, which we will see on the next page of the review and our experience of this projector.

The EH600 projector comes with a modified version of the Android operating system to work with this projector does not depend on the traditional connectivity interfaces that you may find in any other traditional projector … From where we start here, there are several ways to connect this projector and turn the media out of it which is

By live streaming “Wireless projection” from your computer or smartphone.

By connecting Flash Drive in the designated space.

With the internal memory of the projector that comes in an area of 8GB.

Through the Firefox browser on the projector.

With traditional connections such as HDMI and D-Sub

Let’s first start with the live streaming or Screen Casting feature in this projector… You can connect your phone directly by connecting to the same network and then use the Screen Share or Screen Cast option depending on your phone type.

If you’re using an iPhone or iPad, you’ll also be able to connect to this projector with iOS Screen Mirroring.

Connecting flash drive external memory will enable you to access the files in that memory through the pre-loaded file browser on the projector which enables you to access the internal files and those on the external memory that you use and supports many extensions Files, whether they are photos, presentations, or even videos.

You can of course access the files you want online through the Vervox browser, which is pre-loaded on this projector without the need for any connections or media to display your files.

Of course, you can use the projector traditionally via HDMI or D-Sub connections but if you decide to rely on them completely without looking at the rest of the smart features, this will be considered a waste of the capabilities of this smart device and it would be better for you to get another projector without those advantages since the price x It is cheaper than the BenQ EH600 projector.

The flexibility of this system and its work with many devices makes it very easy and far from complicated, there are a lot of TVs that are now using this technology which makes it easy for many users and does not need to know in advance the operating system.

If you’re in a place where there is no Internet, you won’t have the problem of not being able to connect your devices to the projector because there is no network because the projector has the option to create an internal network by creating a hotspot and when you connect to it you will be able to stream your content on the projector.

You can use the internal speakers of the projector that come with 2Watts and if those speakers are not enough for you you can connect external speakers via a 3.5mm port or by connecting to Bluetooth during our experience of the speakers they do not have a high level of sound and you will have to use With external headphones if you intend to use the projector in any large room.

One of the most important things to be found in the projector directed to the business world is to have a high brightness that makes it suitable for use in meetings where there are several people as some of them may want to take notes and there is no room to dim the room so the lighting of the lamp should be in those For a high projector… This is the thing in the BenQ EH600 projector that has a lamp that provides brilliant lighting of 3500 lumina which makes the operation of the projector in the lighting of the regular room not a problem for the user, and you can also reduce the lighting of the projector if you close the surrounding lights to maintain the life The lamp is placed by Smart Eco and Economic, which reduces projector lighting and also extends the lamp’s life.

The age rating of the lamp in this projector reaches 5000 hours of work which is a high number for projectors, and if you decide to use the projector in economic mode you will get 10 thousand hours of work, but in smart eco mode, that lamp is able to save a life of up to 15 thousand hours … But of course, we didn’t get a chance to try those numbers because they take a lot of time, which is the number announced by the company.

This projector is one of the least annoying devices because it produces a noise of 34 decibels in full power mode, but in an economic mode that produces a slightly dark image compared to the normal situation… In the economic situation, this rate of disquiet is reduced to only 29 decibels … These numbers may mean nothing to you, so let me tell you that the 32 dB noise rate is as much a whisper, so this projector is a low-noise rate that doesn’t exist in cheap projectors.


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