ASTRO has always been one of the best companies to offer professional headphones to players, whether wired like the A40 or wireless like the A20 and A50 and today we have the latest model Astro A50 and you have a pre-specification specs we can say it is the best wireless speaker in the world, During this review, we will know what ASTRO has provided us with in this handset.

First of all, you should know that professional headphones always come in the introduction of players’ choices when it comes to purchasing the right equipment for games along with the professional mouse of course, where professional headphones enable you to hear the most accurate steps of enemies and know the direction of the bullets to find out Places of danger and be a constant reason for your superiority on the battlefields especially in games eSports and shooting games from the perspective of first-person and Battle Royal which depend mainly on sounds in determining the place of enemies, so always a good speaker is important and it is not acceptable to make big concessions here.

One of the concessions that players made in the past are to get wireless hardware as wireless hardware is always not preferred due to problems related to delays and Input Lag even if this delay is only parts of a second, this remains a nightmare for the players Professionals where every millisecond is important, as the idea of charging the speaker or mouse every day is an unpopular idea for many players on the PC especially that you will eventually sit in front of the computer and will not move and since the wired connection is better so why get the gear not wired in the first place?

But this is no longer true at the moment because of the development of this equipment in terms of connectivity as well as in terms of battery and even innovative charging methods, but many wireless products have appeared targeting the same professionals from Maosat and even headphones like the ones we will review today so let’s enter Quick in the details of the ASTRO A50.

Comes with:

Base Station charging base.
Micro USB 1 m link.
The optical link is 1 m long.
Operating booklet and speaker information.

This is a headset aimed at the audience of professional players on pc and home devices PS4 or Xbox but unfortunately not all things pink here where the problems of the headset begin to appear, the headset does not correspond to many devices in fact and the idea that it is a wireless headset completely incompatible with not using it with, For example, there is no 3.5 or USB C inlet on the speaker’s chassis itself, but it is located in the Base Station charging base, which is sold separately or sold with the Kit as a review copy today but significantly increases its price.

For the design it comes in full black which is not shiny in most parts of the speaker and shine on the hinges of the speaker and the top of it where we find the cushion lining on the head and it is also cloth and comes in excellent quality to give a feeling of comfort as it features a detachable and installation Easily, the earbuds are made of cloth and they are very comfortable in fact but they do not upset the sound enough when you wear the speaker you will not hear anything around you except the content you hear on it whether it is a game or a song or a movie but everyone around you in the room will hear because the sound comes out of the speaker even as she On your ear.

This is, of course, due to cloth pillows that are more comfortable than leather but don’t upset the sound properly, which is good that ASTRO offers a50 Mod Kit leather cushions but the bad thing is that they are sold separately and at a high price as well, not to mention the high price of the speaker I wish to include. Pillows as an additional supplement increase the value of the product in general, but this brings us, dear reader, to the sentence I mentioned earlier at the beginning of this page of the review.

The great thing about the ear cushions is that they rotate at an angle of 90 degrees which provides more freedom and comfort while moving the speaker or when not using it and placing it on your neck, and removing it for cleaning or changing it is very easy because it is “magnetic”.

Anyway let’s go back to talk about the headset closer and deeper, the right side of the speaker contains 3 buttons the first head button is the play button and lights up in white if the speaker turns on and orange in case the speaker is in charging mode, the second button is the button on Dolby digital sound technology that It comes with the speaker, then the EQ button in three pre-processed numbers and can be modified and customized by the user through the application attached to the speaker, which we’ll talk about later in detail.

By continuing on the right side of the bottom we clear the control wheel in the sound level which I did not quite like, I felt that it is outside the design of the wonderful speaker as if it were made of materials other than the materials that were built in the basic structure of the headset, as it remains rotating only what the end means you the level of the sound of If there’s nothing to do with it, we finally find the USB charging place which is a normal Micro USB and unfortunately not Type C but is really useless if you own Base Station as in our case.

Where the Base Station allows you to charge the handset by putting it on it only beside it works as a holder for it which is the thing I liked most, about the charging station it is not only a charger or carry the handset but contains many other options where it contains most ports such as USB-A port for charging, optical ports and aux a port The 3.5 mm and finally the Micro USB port you use to connect to your computer.

In the end, there is a dedicated button that switches between PC mode and PS4 or with PC and Xbox, from the front there is a screen that shows all the data of the headset, the delivery method, and the device, as well as the level of charge of the battery of the headset as well as the EQ used and Dolby technology, is activated or not, so you will know everything about the speaker through this screen.

Back on the left side of the speaker, it is completely free of anything, except the microphone that is on this side which is a one-way mike and as I mentioned it is unfortunately not removable but at least contains the advantage of Flip-To-Mute which means that once you lift it up, the sound will be automatically muted.

The ASTRO A50 has high sound quality thanks to 40mm high-density Neodymium engines with 2.4 GHz wireless frequency support with a range of up to 30 ft and a 20Hz -20,000Hz frequency response and comes with a single-cell Lithium Polymer battery capable of working for 15 hours of Continuous play and about 20 months in Standby mode.

The ASTRO A50 doesn’t come cheap at all, but in return, it greatly enhances your gaming experience by offering gaming sound quality, to say the least, it’s “great” and a music listening experience with a great microphone volume that won’t let you down, so comes the headset with a lot of For smart control options and a great charging base.



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