The brand of the Taiwanese company ADATA, which comes under the name XPG proved its strength in the manufacture of players’ terminals, now you can have full equipment bearing the brand XPG starting from the mouse iPad passing through the mouse itself and then the keyboard and finally the speakers, this Of course, besides many of the products provided by the company under the name of the brand, but from internal hardware parts such as computer boxes, power supplies, random memories to water coolers and storage units of various kinds.

Today we have a keyboard that you seem to have heard of before namely XPG Summoner, the good publicity of the painting was the reason for its wide fame as ADATA presented in the exhibition CES2020 a model of a painting made entirely of gold, it is good that the painting is available in the Arab region and in Egypt at the price of 1950 Egyptian pounds, as its price My world is $129.99, so at such a high price we should expect the board to offer what players need and more in a mechanical keyboard.

XPG Summoner Design

XPG Summoner has one of the best designs that can be seen in a keyboard, this aesthetic appearance of a panel is not only in its shape but also materials you make, where the panel comes in a gray aluminum frame that added to the painting a distinctive appearance besides giving color some sort of Luxury and durability, the XPG logo is also bright and engraved on top of the stock buttons.

In the right corner of the panel, we find the multi-media control slot buttons that enable you to control the reduction and mute of sound during play but unfortunately these buttons were not complete, as they were limited only to the wheel of lowering and top-of-the-volume volume roller as well as the mute button completely, and missed the control buttons In music, the physical presence of these buttons is always important to me, but nonetheless these buttons are available via the FN shortcuts and buttons from F10 to F12.

With this metal frame, the weight of the painting may be thought to be heavy, although the panel weighs 951 grams without using the handrest that comes with the plate.

Below the panel are clearly four small rubber pads on the four corners of the panels that prevent surface friction to ensure the firmness of the plate during play and prevent scratches that can occur on the underside of the plate, which comes naturally made of plastic.

We note that the board comes with braided wire, which is kind thick to protect it from cutting and give it an aesthetic appearance as well, this wire comes with two separate USB 2.0 connections containing the head of USB Type-A and the reason is that the tablet contains a USB port and therefore the executors one of them to run the board and the other to The USB HUB, to be honest, having a USB port is good and I like it on a personal level and is very easy on, although it comes with USB 2.0 actually the idea of the port is that through it you can connect your wireless headset and mouse to further cable regulation.

XPG Summoner is a full-size panel with 104 keys and comes with the famous Cherry MX keys, which are the best mechanical keys in the world where they are ideal and comfortable to write and play alike, XPG also provides through that panel a range of key choices are:

Cherry MX Speed comes in silver, with instant animator and low pressure.

Cherry MX Blue, whose voice is a little “Clicky”, is slightly audible and its response is mediated during compression when compared to other schats.

Cherry MX Red, which is characterized by its rapid response and low voice.

XPG Summoner Functions

One of the highlights of the XPG Summoner panel is the Wrist Rest handrest that comes with it, surprisingly this armrest is the best-attached rest with any keyboard you have previously tried, and in fact, I was dispensing with any rest in the past but this armrest will try to put it and use it for the comfort it provides during the To write or play even with long sessions, the black plastic stand comes in a structure and the interior is made of leather and gives you a sense of comfort with the wonderful XPG logo on the middle.

The stand comes with a soft and thick touch to be comfortable during use, and from the bottom, we find 8 rubber pieces to ensure that the stand is not moving and fixed on the surface on which the painting is fixed, but the most wonderful thing in this armrest is that it is magnetic, and therefore it will be easy for you to combination or remove it.

The panel naturally supports RGB lighting, which comes with three different levels of brightness with 7 pre-set lighting effects, can be switched between those modes by fn button and arrows level top and bottom button surfaces and lighting effects left and right buttons, is not really the best way to adjust the lighting of RGB for any piece, this makes us feel sorry that the XPG Summoner panel does not come with software support.

The lost software support for the panel, which is the most obvious negative, is not only the lack of the ability to adjust the lighting well, but extends to include macro buttons, yes this panel contains 5 buttons that can be recorded as macro buttons but the order is complicated somehow when there is no software support, you will need to Read the playback guide to see how you record a macro button and actually eventually reach your desire, but with software support, everything is definitely easier.


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