Many users of iPhone devices, the new operating system iOS 14 from Apple and expected to be launched as soon as this year and many believe that the next operating system for iPhone will be more stable than the previous system and will provide users with many features and functions that they wish Their presence and they want to see it as soon as possible and because the release date of the new operating system iOS 14 is still unknown, we will review seven features that we are expected to see in iOS 14 and to get to know them.

Clear user interface

One of the most disturbing small details in iOS was about the sound icon, which was appearing in the middle of the screen and distracting users, especially when they are following something on the screen, but in the iOS 11 version, the image indicator became the top right corner of the iPhone screen and then in ios 13 It was placed on the side of the screen to become smaller than before and shrinks in size when adjusting the sound of a small line and all in order to satisfy its users, which means that Apple may consider during the new operating system to redesign Siri and the incoming call screen in a way that is more acceptable and attractive to its users.

5G network support

When it comes to the new features that iPhone users are waiting for, 5G network support comes first, and while 5G technology requires a new modem and other components, it also needs software updates and that’s why, according to many rumors, Apple is committed. Launching the iPhone this year with 5G technology, we expect the new IOS 14 operating system to support 5G networks.

Develop a multitasking feature

Apple achieved a great success last year and was well-received by many of its users when it separated the iOS and iPadOS systems for two independent operating systems and despite their separation, there are many things in common with them such as mouse support, local file management and other features existing in the system iPadOS, which was recently added to iOS 13, for this reason, there may be a great chance that the new versions of iPhone and iPad will get a significant improvement in multitasking function such as the possibility of dragging and getting away with the iPhone and the screen split feature after rumors emerged that Apple could With the launch of a version of the iPhone with a 6.7-inch screen.

UWB ultra-wide radio waves

Apple has provided iPhone 11 devices with a U1 chip that works via uWB technology and can improve transfers between devices over a large extent with UWB technology, the iPhone user when activating the iErdropes can direct his device to another iPhone to send files very quickly With ease but this is not the only feature of UWB technology because Apple has big plans for it but in the future so in the near term there will be no major updates but we may see technologies like AirTags or tracking personal items with the new operating system.

Fewer software errors

Apple may have new features that will be launched with the new operating system but not many, it seems that Apple learned from previous operating systems that were full of errors and problems, and decided to launch the operating system with the least amount of features until problems are identified and fixed to ensure that the operating system iOS 14 works in a way Stable and stable without any problems and then add new features in future versions of the system.

Siri Digital Assistant

According to rumors, Apple is likely to launch an independent system for its SiriOS digital assistant, in a strong move to improve Siri, which may allow for expanded capabilities and more features on Apple’s digital assistant and ease of use across the company’s platforms and although SiriOS may not be linked to the iPhone, the new iPhone operating system may include improvements that will increase Apple’s digital assistant capabilities.

Support for augmented reality technologies

In 2017, Apple launched the ARKit package, which allows developers to work on applications that support augmented reality technologies, and with the launch of other packages such as ARKit 1, ARKit 2 and ARKit 3, those packages did not offer much in augmented reality but that is likely to change this year 2020, especially with the commitment of the parent company The launch of its own augmented reality glasses and a technology-supporting device that can be installed on the head means that the new operating system iOS 14 will support that technology so that it is suitable for those different devices that Apple is considering launching soon.


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