When we talk about video games and home appliances, we remember Sony in the first place as being the company that has contributed significantly and fundamentally to the creation of the industry since the launch of PlayStation 1 in 1995, 25 years ago, where this was one of the best stages of prosperity for the industry.

But the competition began to intensify with the entry of Microsoft in this field and the introduction of the first home gaming device under the name Xbox supported by the huge company money that can support him and pay his sales and bring the exclusives to him by all means only to enter the competition from the nearest doors and to some extent succeeded in that despite some failure But there is a difference in the strategy and vision of each company to the future of the industry.

Sony Strategy

At a time when Sony is putting all its energy and planning confined to every generation of PlayStation so that it knows how it can control and gain more popularity than the other party lacks, Microsoft is working with a broader strategy and a more distant perspective to the future, but how is it?

Sony is trying to control the market for home appliances and video games by ensuring the success and control of each generation itself on its age range and once this estimated period of 5 to 7 years is completed directly to the next and this is the most distant point that Sony can reach and progress in. New improvements and services will keep its audience connected throughout this period, while Microsoft is using a wide-ranging strategy that may be slow but comprehensive and will make it control everything at once.

Microsoft Strategy

Microsoft, when it entered the world of video games, began to put its focus on the Xbox network mainly by providing a strong and flawless connection that may make the user bored at some point, unlike Sony which puts its focus on the platform itself only so we see that Microsoft is going in the direction of Somewhat different, while Sony is thinking about the present generation and the near future, Microsoft is thinking about the distant future and overall control.

At a time when Sony was providing absolute support for the PlayStation 4 device to control the market, Microsoft was putting its energy on the Xbox network by expanding it and bringing more services that see the future of video games so provided us the service XGP that changed the concept of video games where the user became paying Small not more than $10 for a huge gaming library variety and it did not stop here where Microsoft started to establish the network Xbox to be open to all other networks and this secret behind supporting the feature of shared play early while Sony suffered in this matter and still suffered.

Microsoft is now considering the idea of expanding its network and exiting the Box and accessing other platforms and was the beginning with the arrival of xGP service to pc and there is a plan to launch it on other platforms such as Nintendo Switch and smartphones.

It will not stop at this point either where Microsoft revealed last year the xCloud cloud service that provides users with the possibility to play over the internet without the need to buy a specific gaming device and all it has to do is hold the console and press the start button, although the idea is still early for its application globally only Microsoft is studying the market well and knows where the future of video games is going and is preparing for it with all its strength and this will make it enter into this future with all the comfort and experience of years.

We all know that home appliance will not last long, internet speeds improve from year to year with fiber optic technologies and 5G and soon the sixth in the wireless networks that are gradually expanding on the ground and these technologies will cover the globe in a time that may not exceed ten years But when that moment comes, Microsoft will be well prepared to enter this field and the fact that it has experimented and gained its employees and legalization who work with it is experienced enough to intervene and solve any problem in a short time in return to provide broad and smooth services to the user who is looking at the end What’s best.

On the other hand, Sony sees that it is early although it started to enter the field of cloud play, but its achievements in this field are very slow and hardly tangible to the consumer and because Sony still considers that home appliances being the basis and it is not time to talk about cloud play but when Who’s going to be ready? I think everyone knows the answer.



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