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When it comes to luxury, we think of riding our private jets or driving in expensive vehicles. But we especially this of luxury cruises. Five-star quality accommodations, activities for people to pass the time, high-end amenities, wild pool parties, excellent service, the list goes on for this kind of cruise.

Are you looking to go on a cruise? Be it alone, with a partner, or with friends and family. It helps to pick out the places you’d want to go to by sea. And this list might give you some ideas. In no particular order, here are some of the best luxury cruise destinations.

Caribbean Cruise

Next up is a tropical paradise, and naturally, deserves to be on this list of the best luxury cruise destinations. The tourists who stop over in this part of the world get to experience a more relaxed atmosphere. Drink cocktails from a lounging chair, go for a swim in one of the many beaches, and explore its many islands.

The Caribbean is enough to bring travelers in from a day or two of being on board. If you’d prefer staying in, well, you have incredible views to look at from the ship. What are you waiting for? Book your Caribbean chartered cruise today!

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It goes without saying that Italy is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. And is also one of the best luxury cruise destinations as well. Get on board the relaxation train as you go and take a more personal look into the pleasant villages. Also make sure to not miss out on the breathtaking views that the country has to offer.

If that’s not enough you can also take a quick visit to its nearby islands Sicily and Elba. Another land rich in history as well as cuisine, Italy remains to be a luxury cruise favorite among many. And luckily for us most Mediterranean cruises begin their journey at this beautiful nation.

Mediterranean cruises usually leave from Italy.


It might be surprising to some, but Alaska is one great luxury cruise destination. See the mountains, the wildlife, and marine life in North America. In addition, don’t miss out on glaciers that extend into deep fjords on the state’s coast.

Alaska is a top luxury cruise destination because of all these things. From the salmon-filled rivers to the incredible landscape, it’s no wonder many tourists want to stop by this wonderful state. When you go, take in all the sights and sounds that Alaska has in store.

On an Alaskan cruise you'll see plenty of ice.


We should start this list off with Tahiti, as well as the locations within it, from Bora Bora, to Moorea, to Fakarava and all the others. One of the reasons why this destination is among the best is because it’s simply a tropical paradise. There are lagoons and islands that are waiting for travelers to explore, the crystal clear blue ocean to swim in.

It’s incredibly picturesque and it almost feels as if you’re living the life seen on those traveling postcards. It’s easy to get to on a relaxing luxury cruise. But trust us when we say that you’ll find Tahiti hard to leave when your stay is up.

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If you’re looking to head on east, or perhaps explore more of the continent, take a cruise to Asia and see not only one country, but many others! It is a mix of the traditional and the contemporary, Asia is a feast for the eyes and the body with the various cuisines that are a must-try.

Visit ancient temples, immerse yourselves in the bustling cities like Singapore, Tokyo, Bangkok, and Hong Kong. If you’re trying to get away from the hustling and bustling skyscrapers, there’s also some islands to explore on their neighboring countries like the Philippines as well as Malaysia and Vietnam.

There are many cruise destinations in Asia.

Costa Rica

This next luxury cruise destination is more of a 2 in 1 kind of thing, which makes them tied for the same spot on this list. Costa Rica and the Panama Canal. These destinations boast naturally beautiful sights as well as man-made ones. Unleash your inner jungle explorer with the jungles and rainforests in the country.

Spot volcanoes, go fishing or even swimming in the lakes and take a closer look at the wildlife that inhabit these parts. Travel along the Panama Canal during the daytime and relax at night watching the colorful festival on the deck.

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Another beautiful luxury cruise destination on this list is Greece. A land full of history as well as an incredible view of the oceans and another place that a lot of us can only dream of going to. So what are you waiting for? Book that chartered cruise today!

Watch the sun set from the Acropolis, or have a meal at the ancient Celsus Library over at Ephesus, or stay in one of those beautiful houses in Santorini, or even go people-watching when you hit the gorgeous beaches. Take in the view of Mykonos from the cruise while enjoying some downtime at its finest.

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North Europe

If exploring nature isn’t your thing, then this luxury cruise destination might be right up your alley. While it’s great to explore Northern Europe by train after a long flight, there’s also the option to head over there during a cruise. A lot of moors, geysers, and lochs are evident in this part of the continent, so don’t be surprised when you hear locals mention this.

Sit back and relax by a seaside cafe during the summer, or learn a little something when you visit ancient palaces and historical cities that have been around for a long time. Or, you can always take a stroll through the markets and buy yourself a little souvenir.

Take a North Europe cruise and visit the Emerald Isles.


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