Well, everyone is now talking about the new generation Devices PlayStation 5 and Xbox SX and waiting to see what real powers these platforms will offer and how the games will be played on them, but there are always creative ideas present in these devices that may draw attention to them more than the power.

Here in this report we will talk about 5 things if found in these new devices will make them something very wonderful, why prolong let’s start.

Wireless charging

Wireless charging technology is now prevalent and most smartphones are supporting this feature, but what about the new home game devices that will be released soon? What if the controller supports the wireless charging feature through a special charger placed in the device so that if the controller is placed on or near its surface it starts charging automatically? This will be really great and will save a lot of time and effort, especially with the cancellation of those cables that need to change from time to time.

Hard drive change

Some may say when you see this proposal that I am wrong and even the current generation devices where you can change the hard drive and replace it with any other supported disk, but I mean here rapid change as in smartphone devices that support external memory so that the user can pull the original hard drive from maca It is possible to replace it with a supported one without the need to unscrew the cover of the device and use tools to unscrew nails, to describe them to you more accurately why the jaw and installation is not as with the tapes of the family devices, if done it will be truly amazing.

Interactive lighting

Sony tried to make the lighting in the console PlayStation 4 interact with the player in some games through the change of color and intensity depending on his condition in the game, but what if he put a hidden lighting system in the same devices as in the lighting RGB in some pc boxes And can make this lighting interactive with the state of the game as well, for example, if there is a fire in the game turns the color of the light to red or orange dark so that it reflects in the whole room and gives the player a greater sense of the atmosphere of the game, or the colors turn to red when the character is critically injured to me Isn’t that a great idea that’s going to make you dive into the atmosphere of the games more?

Modification to the console

Each time special copies are issued from external companies for the controllers of home devices so that it offers the user some new characteristics that can not be obtained in the original unit such as changing the shapes and colors of the joystick or changing the color of the unit cover in any other color according to the desire of the player, but what if this characteristic is supported In the original units instead, wouldn’t that be great?

The sound of the device playing

Home appliances have distinctive sounds issued from them when they start, but what if the user can change these sounds with other sounds equipped within these devices, I mean in a similar way to choose the tone of mobile so that there is a list of voices in the device the user can walk between them and choose what they want from them These sounds should be adapted from some games, for example, and it would be great if there was an opportunity to download external sounds as well, but we don’t want to make it too complicated and we’ll just have preloaded sounds on the device.

What do you think about these five features that can make our experience with devices new generation Devices PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X very wonderful although it will not have a direct impact on its power that many look forward to, but it will have a wonderful effect on the atmosphere of the game and make things better and easier than That’s a time.


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