Sony is the leading manufacturer of video game devices to this day despite the entry of giant companies in the field of competition with them such as Microsoft and Nintendo, but still maintains its position and thanks to the strong reputation made by its PlayStation brand but this does not prevent sony in mistakes may It’s hard to forget.

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However, there are many mistakes that Sony has made throughout its history of achievements and successes, and here in this report, we will highlight the top 5 mistakes sony has made over the past period and since its entry into the world of video games in the 1990s.

PlayStation 3

Although Sony managed to avoid a complete failure with the seventh generation of home appliances and the third in the PlayStation family through its dangerous adventure entered into the PlayStation 3, it managed to maintain the reputation of the family that made it with the fifth and sixth generation and recovered it strongly with the eighth generation thanks to The PlayStation 4, but what mistakes did Sony make in the PlayStation 3 and you want us to forget it?

The beginning of the adventure of using a new processor with a different software structure than pc processors where Sony used cell processor which was the product of its cooperation with other large companies including IBM, Toshiba, and Sharp, it is true that the processor was strong and supernatural but the developers of the games found it very difficult to recognize this power and exploited The result was low-quality games and developer complaints that never stopped.

The second mistake is the cost of developing the device that exceeded the limits and made the price of the device in the markets exceed the amount of consumers where the price reached 600 dollars at the beginning of its launch and then was reduced to 500 dollars, but remained sticks to many fans PlayStation who went to the competitor to catch up with them and enjoy the appropriate quality I don’t know what you’
The PlayStation 3 was a huge mistake that Sony doesn’t want to repeat and you want us to forget it forever.

PlayStation Phone

When Sony thought of entering the world of mobile devices did not think the right way then so i tried to enter through mobile devices so I gave us a PlayStation Phone that thought it would hit two birds with one stone, but unfortunately, the device did not receive the required support from the developers despite the issuance of some games Good for him but this success did not keep him going for a long time which prompted Sony to cut off support and stop the production of the device.

Killzone 3

Do you remember the presentation of the style of play for Killzone 3, which was reviewed in front of the audience at e3 2005 where Sony and the developers in The Gorilla Games Studio insisted that it was taken from the engine of the game directly although the video was clearly a CG show and everyone realizes it but Sony did not recognize it until after more than 4 years From the launch of the game and now you want us to forget it.

Although the game provided a pleasant experience and was one of the most successful games that were issued on the PlayStation 3 at the time, sony’s mistake of lying to the public has not been forgotten to this day.


Perhaps few still remember this property that existed in the first version of the DualShock 3 console of the PlayStation 3 and was supported in some games remember the game Dragons Liar, which failed miserably as well, but Sony through it wanted to introduce the new Sixaxis technology that enables The player moved his personality by directing the console in all directions 360 degrees, but this technique was flawed by one thing which is opposed to the vibration system that was removed from Dualshock 3 which irritated many players.

Sony realized that this taqwa is not suitable for its games or even for the audience it targets so it has launched a new model that removed this feature and restored the vibrating feature.

Changing username

Although Sony is ahead of its competitors in many things, the PlayStation PSN network is still somewhat behind its counterpart sought by Microsoft and among the things that changed recently was the user name change feature that existed in the Xbox Live network several years ago, but Sony did not offer it to its users only Less than a year ago, but this is not the only problem where some users change their names on the network by losing the saved files saved on the network and some of them have progressed in some of the games and trophy that they got.

In short, it was a disaster for a lot of users and the reason is the delay sony in introducing the property early, but in the end, you want us to forget all this despite the losses suffered by many players because they changed the username without knowing about these problems that will face them.

These are the 5 biggest mistakes Sony has made in her life in the industry and she wishes her audience to overlook them, did you have any experience with these five mistakes that we talked about?


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