It may be too early to talk about the competition between next-generation PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X platforms, but based on sony’s current generation battle to almost completely dominating the generation, we can envision this battle that will move on to the next generation.

Sony has the greatest popularity in this generation and has achieved absolute victory and now wants to move this victory to continue with the next generation while Microsoft wants to control and reverse the equation in the new generation and control the market in the coming period and both of them are now making plans in order to start this battle that It may last for several years.

In this report, we will talk about Microsoft the biggest loser of the battle of the current generation to see what can be offered in the new generation Xbox Series X in order to compete strongly in front of the PlayStation 5 and attract the attention and greed of the players to it, what are the elements of Microsoft’s power so far?!

Well Microsoft still has a number of elements of power that can guarantee its control over the next generation and these elements are not born of the moment but are the result of building plans that have been going on for the last five years, interspersed with decisive decisions and may have been strange to some of us, but it will be an element of power during the War of The next generation is as follows:

Xbox Game Pass

This service for those who have not experienced it before enables the player to reach more than 100 games renewed monthly and all he has to do is pay a small amount that may not exceed $10 as a monthly subscription in return for owning this library in full and downloading many different games that were issued on Xbox platforms.

The first step of the success of this service is to bring different titles from third-party companies and studios and also Microsoft studios in order to provide them to the players and reap higher sales and most of these games had been issued a while ago but found a good turnout of players, then followed by the second step which was almost Derma for many is bringing the absolute exclusives of Xbox from the first day of its launch to the service without any change in the subscription value that some received for only one dollar, which is a bold step from Microsoft, but will have a positive effect soon also accompanied by the launch of the service on PC and possibly arrive Other platforms in the future.

Now Microsoft is preparing to launch the third stage, which is to bring third party games from the first day to launch in the markets and perhaps this step will need more time through which Microsoft can prove the success of its plan and entice these partnerships to introduce its new games to it.

The Xbox Game Pass service is a powerful element for Microsoft that can use it strongly against the PlayStation 5 during the next generation battle.


Some may see that cloud games are still at an early stage and investing in them may be a waste of time, but this will not last long and do not forget that the age of one generation devices is not less than 6 years and is enough to bring about a lot of changes, especially with the technological acceleration that we are witnessing during the last decade, especially in J video game market and Microsoft wants to get its hand in this area from the first moment.

XCloud will be heavily integrated with Xbox Series X devices and Microsoft will gradually rely on it during the life span of the new generation so that it can develop it and provide a public that will gradually begin to access it and accept it with time and also Microsoft will use it to provide services Simple and integrated with the new Xbox services in order to make the user take advantage of it and adapt to it and may become the main platform until the end of the generation.

Also, the service will provide an opportunity to play Xbox games on many other platforms and this will provide the player the possibility to enjoy his games anywhere and anytime without complications and this is the name goal that Microsoft seeks in the end and is to own the alternative before the home platforms reach the end of the road.

More than one copy at varying prices

Microsoft, when it unveiled its new device, did not talk about a specific name but called it the name Series X or this suggests that we will not get one fixed platform of the new generation and there is a plan in advance that Microsoft will offer more than a copy of Xbox Series X so that it is accessible to all Players of all classes and at varying prices.

Microsoft will work in all these copies to maintain the basic features of the new generation, but it will provide more features in certain copies and will reduce some of them in other copies in order to open a wide range of quotes to the user according to his financial abilities and this is another element of strength that Microsoft can use for the waves This PlayStation 5.

These are the three elements of power that Microsoft has so far in order to enter into the war of competition for the next generation, but also there are still other elements that the company may need to focus on and develop in the right way in order to include it in the list of its strengths, including supporting its studios and c The introduction of more talented developers to it in order to present high-quality games facing the exclusives of the PlayStation 5 provided by its various studios, but as I said at the beginning this will take more time and maybe see its results later in the life of the next generation.



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