#Genius Food

1. This human living in the year 3,000 who put their chili cheese dog INSIDE GARLIC BREAD:

2. This genius who made a butter/cinnamon/sugar burrito in the microwave:

3. The master chef who made this pizza out of pizza crust with pizza as the crust:

4. This hero who dipped Cheetos Puffs in nacho cheese:

5. This brilliant person who embedded Kit Kats into their brownies:

6. This smartie who made a French bread spaghetti pocket:

7. This innovative Hawaiian pizza–loving snacker:

8. This brainiac who made a bagel cream cheese sandwich with crushed Doritos:

9. This genius mixing their popcorn and marshmallows together:

10. This smart snacker who made a chicken nugget sub…

11. This genius who put chicken nuggets on a pizza:

12. This genius who coated their veggies with Cheetos powder:

13. This lover of both pizza AND nachos:

14. This strawberry/sour cream/brown sugar lover:

15. This brilliant person who made a potato chip sandwich:

16. This creative individual who waffled a stale hot dog bun and made a panini with ham, Havarti cheese, and pre-cooked bacon.

17. And finally, this genius who Frankensteined this Chick-fil-A/In-N-Out monstrosity:


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